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PCB Buyer: This Free Ebook is For You!

Whether you are a novice in the printed circuit board assembly industry, or an old hand who sometimes needs a refresher, PCB Basics for Buyers is for you.

It’s a quick read, but it gives you a straightforward understanding of the board business and what it takes to make a PCB. 

The book contains detailed images of the manufacturing process, information on specs and standards, tips for creating successful PCB partnerships, and a glossary of industry terms. It’s a great resource and training tool for your entire procurement team. 

Keep it on your mobile device, e-reader, or computer so you can easily refer to it.

Even better, a brand-new edition—filled with fresh information—is available now! Subscribe to the DirectPCB newsletter to get your copy. You can unsubscribe at any time, but the book is yours to keep.

Prefer a paperback copy? It’s only $8 at Amazon, and when you buy a paperback copy, you get the Kindle version free. Buy it here.

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