Supercharge Your PCB Purchasing Power

Want a more robust and cost-effective supply chain? Shrink it. 

You can do that with PCBOffice™. Our Premium Buying Package is designed  for companies with an annual circuit board budget of more than $250,000 who want the power of a full-scale overseas operation without its daunting costs and complications.

Having your own offshore PCB office will supercharge your purchasing power, giving you a leg up on the competition. Your customers will think you’re a superhero. And you’ll sleep soundly at night, knowing your boards are in the best hands.

How PCBOffice™ Works

PCBOffice™ becomes an extension of your purchasing department. We will mirror your operation, ensuring our Select Manufacturing Partners follow your manufacturing, quality, and shipping guidelines.

Our on-site team of highly trained PCB customer service agents, buying experts, engineers, and inspectors is dedicated to shepherding your orders from quote to delivery at your door.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get as a member: